What Does Caffeine Do in Your Brain?


Coffee, tea, chocolate and cola drinks are the most traditional sources of caffeine. Energy drinks and energy shots are the latest methods to boost your body with caffeine. So what happens when you perk up with one of these substances? Throughout the day, brain cells create a neurotransmitter known as adenosine. Adenosine, often shortened to "ado," is the first key to understanding how caffeine works. It's what makes us sleepy and triggers hibernation in animals. Adenosine gradually builds … [Read more...]

Why We Love Caffeine


People Love Caffeine, But Why? Japanese pachinko machines work like regular pinball machines, except instead of playing one large steel ball at a time, they shoot off dozens of smaller balls, clattering loudly through the playing field, bouncing, racing and ricocheting into obstacles, bumpers and rabbit holes. Lights flash, whistles blow, bells ding, all the while the balls are in play. Until they gradually exit the playing space and everything stops. Kind of like your body on … [Read more...]