Beverage Lobby Says Caffeine’s Not a Drug. Really?


The ABA Says Caffeine Is Not a Drug. Really? In a 2011 news release, the American Beverage Association (ABA) has actually stated, "caffeine is not a drug." It also says caffeine is a stimulant. Conflicting statements don't do much for credibility, and misleading statements chip away at consumer safety. Caffeine is classified as a drug, a type of central nervous system stimulant; the FDA considers it both a drug and a food additive. Naturally, the ABA has a mission to boost profits for its … [Read more...]

Energized Number Crunching: Energy Drinks


I wanted to know how energy drinks compared to soft drinks and coffee in terms of caffeine amounts. After all, energy drinks are sweet, carbonated and refreshing, so it's as easy to drink them as you would a Coke or other soda. And coffee is still the top banana when it comes to caffeinated beverages, but a Starbucks coffee tends to be more potent than a home brew. Even though a single "mainstream" energy drink delivers a solid caffeine rush, most fall within levels that health professionals … [Read more...]

Taking Risks: Energy Drinks and Alcohol


Got a thirst? Need a boost? Slurp down a can, or two – or more – of a refreshing, cold energy drink. Within minutes, moderate to high amounts of caffeine are churning through your brain and body. A moderate dose can be safe, even desirable. Too much caffeine, though, and you get the shakes, hands tremble, heartbeat races, and caffeine intoxication takes over. Like alcohol, the effects are intense, and they diminish over time. Then there's the problem of mixing caffeine with alcohol. … [Read more...]