Orange-Spiced Tea with Organic Lime-Maté Boost

Energy shots, like energy drinks, are regulated as dietary supplements

Orange-Spiced Tea with Organic Lime-Maté Boost  Makes 1 serving; about 120 mg caffeine by Kate Heyhoe If you prefer tea to coffee and savory to sweet, this is the bumped-up brew for you. One cup packs more than twice the caffeine of regular black tea, with a balanced citrusy taste that's neither bitter nor sweet. The sophisticated flavor is one that's good to sip on, and the brew surpasses coffee when it comes to the morning jolt. The Guayaki Yerba Mate Organic Energy Shot is a … [Read more...]

2. Natural Caffeine: Coffee, Tea, Chocolate, and Other Plants


No one knows for sure when humans first consumed caffeine. Africa was the starting point for coffee, and probably fueled early man. Tea has its roots in Asia. Cacao, the source of chocolate, is native to Mesoamerica, while guarana and maté originated in South America. Kola nuts hail from Africa. Today, we get our caffeine from the same plants, though in different forms, with complex processes ranging from simple steeping to grinding, fermenting, and roasting. Before jumping  into energy … [Read more...]

Mate or Yerba Mate Profile


For a caffeine boost, some people drink a tea made from mate, also known as yerba mate. Mate's bitter flavor is an acquired taste, especially when brewed alone, without tempering by other flavorings. It's often a natural ingredient in energy drinks and energy shots. What is mate or yerba mate? The mate plant, Ilex paraguariensis, is a type of tropical evergreen in the holly family. The word maté refers to the tea, which is traditionally drunk scalding hot through a straw; and also to the … [Read more...]