Beverage Lobby Says Caffeine’s Not a Drug. Really?

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energy-drinksThe ABA Says Caffeine Is Not a Drug. Really?

In a 2011 news release, the American Beverage Association (ABA) has actually stated, “caffeine is not a drug.” It also says caffeine is a stimulant.

Conflicting statements don’t do much for credibility, and misleading statements chip away at consumer safety. Caffeine is classified as a drug, a type of central nervous system stimulant; the FDA considers it both a drug and a food additive. Naturally, the ABA has a mission to boost profits for its members. But by making caffeine confusing, beverage makers undermine the public’s ability to consume caffeine safely and responsibly.

Read the full ABA press release



  1. allison wallace says:

    I’d like to continue reading regarding Beverage Lobby Says Caffeine

    • The link below the post takes you to the ABA’s press release in which it states:

      “Furthermore, despite the suggestion in the [DAWN] report, caffeine is not a drug.” How the ABA can issue this statement and still claim to be credible is puzzling. Every scientist in the world classifies caffeine as a drug.